Welcome Coyotes!

This is the place to find out about the art world in and around Fort Worth especially for the parents, students and friends of Carlson. I will also post links for contests, exhibits, classes and things that might be of interest to art students and their families.

I am always collecting ideas for projects that can be done at home, whether they be art experiences or craft ideas. Because the structure of our school day doesn't allow for as much in depth work as I would enjoy...or the students would enjoy, for that matter...I hope you will try some of the cool ideas I have found. Also, if YOU have cool ideas that you think other students would be interested in, please feel free to send them to me to post here.

My email address is: genifer.best@fwisd.org.

Friday, February 24, 2012

3D Painting...Really?

Fourth and fifth grade students experimented with the theory of "color encoding." It is the idea that warm colors move forward in a two dimensional composition while cool colors recede. With the technology of color separating 3D glasses, you can see the theory come to life!

Students were amazed that as long ago as the late 1800s, a radical group of artists collectively called the Post-Impressionists and selectively called Fauves, began experimenting with heavily saturated color. Henri Matisse created shockingly colorful and "loud" paintings and collages that contrasted with the softer play of colors the Impressionists had experimented with. Vassily Kandinsky experimented with color to create depth with his "color study" series. A series of geometric shapes with heavily saturated colors pitted complementary schemes against one another to achieve depth. Students wondered if Kandinsky's eyes were some how different than our own and perhaps actually saw the 3D effect we get when we wear the special glasses!

In this project, students began by sketching a "pile of donuts" and using a value scale to shade the objects thereby creating a sense of depth. Next, students were asked to create their own "pile of objects" which ranged from cats and fish to cupcakes and clouds. Then, using the scale of warm to cool colors, students created a painting that showed depth. Although the effect is diminished somewhat without the glasses, the paintings nonetheless are brilliant and eyecatching. With 3D glasses, they become magic!

To see the gallery of student work on this subject, please visit the Alice Carlson page on artsonia.com

Image above by 5th Grade student, Zoe NP

Off to NYC!

I am headed off to the NAEA Convention in NYC and I am taking a little bit of Carlson with me! Kindergarten student Isabella created a fantastic landscape painting in art class. It will be displayed at a place called "Big Screen Plaza" on Avenue of the America's. The slide show presentation of student artwork from all over the country will run continuously on March 2nd and 3rd. Isabella's artwork will be seen at approximately 7:00 on Friday and then again at the same time on Saturday. One other student from the Luella Merrit ES will represent the FWISD in this show. Congratulations students!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

PTA Reflections Program

Unleash your artistic talents by participating in the PTA Reflections Program!

The theme for this year's program is "Together We Can." Entries are reflections on this theme and can be created in one of several areas of artistic expression. Categories you can choose to work in are: Dance Choreography, Musical Composition, Photography, Film Production, Literature and Visual Arts. See Genifer for specific rules and guidelines and then let your imagination run wild!

The deadline for entries is October 28, 2010 All entries will be displayed at Carlson. A panel of judges will select entries to advance to the Regional PTA Reflections show. This is a terrific opportunity to show your artistic side, whether you write a poem, shoot a video, paint a picture or snap a shot!

The photo on this blog entry is 2009-2010 National Reflections Winner for Visual Arts in Elementary, Jaden B. from Michigan.

Fiery Pool: The Maya and the Mythic Sea Exhibit

Third through Fifth Grade classes are about to begin a study of art featured in The Kimbell Art Museum's newest show. Fiery Pool: The Maya and the Mythic Sea features art and artifacts reflecting the sea's deep influence on the ancient Maya civilization. There are several family/kid friendly events surrounding this exhibit.

First, on September 18th there is a Children's Workshop for ages 6 to 14 called Dress for the Occasion: Maya-style Costumes. Looking at the ceremonial costumes from the exhibit, students will create colorful headdresses, pectoral necklaces and belt ornaments. The workshop costs $15 per child or $12 if you are a member and you must register in advance. Call 817-332-8451 x297

Mark your calendars for a Free Family Festival celebrating 10/10/10, a significant date in Maya culture. On October 10th from 12 to 5 p.m., there will be performances, art activities, films and face painting at the Kimbell. Groups performing include Maya Dancers, Ballet Folklorico de Fort Worth, Latin Express, Grupo Pakal and Mariachis. For more information see: www.kimbellart.org/maya

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am so excited to begin the 2010-2011 school year. I had a fun-filled summer of creating art, getting together with fellow artists, participating in exhibitions, going to museums and traveling. The Art Studio looks wonderful after last year's construction and I am getting things more and more organized every day.

To begin the school year, a student teacher from University of North Texas is joining us. His name is Clint Riddle and he will be in the Studio for seven weeks. He is an artist and a teaching legacy...his mother, Cindy Riddle was the super fantastic art teacher at North Hi Mount for many years.

In the first few weeks of school, we are focusing on establishing our Artist Behavior. The artwork that goes home with students is really practice in following art room procedures, exercises in getting to know a medium or explorations after lessons. Artist Behavior is quite simply a way of working together peaceably and efficiently as Artists. Here is our pledge:

"We are Artists. As Artists we are:
Quiet - because we are listening or thinking deeply;
In Our Own Space - so that we can create our best work;
Respectful - of our supplies, our artwork and other artists around us."

Over the years, I have found this model behavior to enable students to create amazing things that mere mortal teachers would never attempt to do...we've made a scale model of the Eiffel Tower in packing peanuts, a life-sized sarcophagus for Ms. Jeannie, the Parthenon with all 52 columns, a giant stained glass window or two, giant chess sets made of clay, a Chinese dragon of epic size, papier mache creatures of gargantuan proportions. But in order to get there, the students must have complete faith in me and I must have complete faith in them as Artists. So over the next couple of weeks, we will resemble still water...but beneath the surface is a swift undertow that will emerge in the Spring with amazing artwork!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Get Your T-Shirts!!!

If you ordered a t-shirt for the Carlson Family Fine Arts Night, please come and pick it up from the Art Studio before we break for summer time. The shirts will be put up in storage until the next Arts Night and I want to make sure you get yours!

Thanks again to everyone who made the event so special!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Like Chess?

Fourth grade students in Michelle Landy's class are making a chess set crafted in clay. They have been measuring, cutting, glazing and firing tiles to make the chess board as well as hand-building, sculpting, glazing and firing the chess pieces. The theme of the set is "Carlson coyotes."

Each piece has its own unique character and the students are loving every minute of watching them change with each firing. This board will be offered for sale at the Carlson auction on Saturday night.