Welcome Coyotes!

This is the place to find out about the art world in and around Fort Worth especially for the parents, students and friends of Carlson. I will also post links for contests, exhibits, classes and things that might be of interest to art students and their families.

I am always collecting ideas for projects that can be done at home, whether they be art experiences or craft ideas. Because the structure of our school day doesn't allow for as much in depth work as I would enjoy...or the students would enjoy, for that matter...I hope you will try some of the cool ideas I have found. Also, if YOU have cool ideas that you think other students would be interested in, please feel free to send them to me to post here.

My email address is: genifer.best@fwisd.org.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

PTA Reflections Program

Unleash your artistic talents by participating in the PTA Reflections Program!

The theme for this year's program is "Together We Can." Entries are reflections on this theme and can be created in one of several areas of artistic expression. Categories you can choose to work in are: Dance Choreography, Musical Composition, Photography, Film Production, Literature and Visual Arts. See Genifer for specific rules and guidelines and then let your imagination run wild!

The deadline for entries is October 28, 2010 All entries will be displayed at Carlson. A panel of judges will select entries to advance to the Regional PTA Reflections show. This is a terrific opportunity to show your artistic side, whether you write a poem, shoot a video, paint a picture or snap a shot!

The photo on this blog entry is 2009-2010 National Reflections Winner for Visual Arts in Elementary, Jaden B. from Michigan.

Fiery Pool: The Maya and the Mythic Sea Exhibit

Third through Fifth Grade classes are about to begin a study of art featured in The Kimbell Art Museum's newest show. Fiery Pool: The Maya and the Mythic Sea features art and artifacts reflecting the sea's deep influence on the ancient Maya civilization. There are several family/kid friendly events surrounding this exhibit.

First, on September 18th there is a Children's Workshop for ages 6 to 14 called Dress for the Occasion: Maya-style Costumes. Looking at the ceremonial costumes from the exhibit, students will create colorful headdresses, pectoral necklaces and belt ornaments. The workshop costs $15 per child or $12 if you are a member and you must register in advance. Call 817-332-8451 x297

Mark your calendars for a Free Family Festival celebrating 10/10/10, a significant date in Maya culture. On October 10th from 12 to 5 p.m., there will be performances, art activities, films and face painting at the Kimbell. Groups performing include Maya Dancers, Ballet Folklorico de Fort Worth, Latin Express, Grupo Pakal and Mariachis. For more information see: www.kimbellart.org/maya

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am so excited to begin the 2010-2011 school year. I had a fun-filled summer of creating art, getting together with fellow artists, participating in exhibitions, going to museums and traveling. The Art Studio looks wonderful after last year's construction and I am getting things more and more organized every day.

To begin the school year, a student teacher from University of North Texas is joining us. His name is Clint Riddle and he will be in the Studio for seven weeks. He is an artist and a teaching legacy...his mother, Cindy Riddle was the super fantastic art teacher at North Hi Mount for many years.

In the first few weeks of school, we are focusing on establishing our Artist Behavior. The artwork that goes home with students is really practice in following art room procedures, exercises in getting to know a medium or explorations after lessons. Artist Behavior is quite simply a way of working together peaceably and efficiently as Artists. Here is our pledge:

"We are Artists. As Artists we are:
Quiet - because we are listening or thinking deeply;
In Our Own Space - so that we can create our best work;
Respectful - of our supplies, our artwork and other artists around us."

Over the years, I have found this model behavior to enable students to create amazing things that mere mortal teachers would never attempt to do...we've made a scale model of the Eiffel Tower in packing peanuts, a life-sized sarcophagus for Ms. Jeannie, the Parthenon with all 52 columns, a giant stained glass window or two, giant chess sets made of clay, a Chinese dragon of epic size, papier mache creatures of gargantuan proportions. But in order to get there, the students must have complete faith in me and I must have complete faith in them as Artists. So over the next couple of weeks, we will resemble still water...but beneath the surface is a swift undertow that will emerge in the Spring with amazing artwork!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Get Your T-Shirts!!!

If you ordered a t-shirt for the Carlson Family Fine Arts Night, please come and pick it up from the Art Studio before we break for summer time. The shirts will be put up in storage until the next Arts Night and I want to make sure you get yours!

Thanks again to everyone who made the event so special!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Like Chess?

Fourth grade students in Michelle Landy's class are making a chess set crafted in clay. They have been measuring, cutting, glazing and firing tiles to make the chess board as well as hand-building, sculpting, glazing and firing the chess pieces. The theme of the set is "Carlson coyotes."

Each piece has its own unique character and the students are loving every minute of watching them change with each firing. This board will be offered for sale at the Carlson auction on Saturday night.

Art Room Auction Items

Look out for several really great art pieces created in the Art Studio by different student groups for our Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center auction. The auction, an annual event organized by the PTA, will be at the TCU Student Center on Saturday, June 5th from 6:00 to 10:00. It is a great opportunity to pick up some one-of-a-kind items created by students. The paintings shown here were made by students in the Art in the Garden club and are two of three truly spectacular 18" x 18" acrylics on canvas. Students identified the flowers in our O.L.E. and then photographed them. So the composition as well as the painting itself was completely student generated.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Summer Fun with Art!

Jo DuFo, renowned muralist and all around creative individual, is offering an opportunity to work at her home/studio this summer in a program called Wall Visions. Along with Michael RoDriguez, (filmmaker, compose, photographer and artist) campers will create a thematic mural and document the process with digital photography and film. Students will work side by side with these artists to create a finished mural for exhibition at a later date as well as a documentary film that is shot and edited by campers.

Camp sessions run June 21st - 25th, July 12th - 16th, July 19th - 23rd from 12:30 to 5:30 each day. A week costs $195 plus a $30 supply fee. You can sign up for one or all weeks. Each will be a different themed mural. For campers aged 8 - 18.

This workshop/camp is a fantastic opportunity to work with real artists. It is not a "how to" course, so much as an apprenticeship. They are looking for kids who are serious about the work of an artist.

Interested? Contact Jo DuFo at 817-673-1492 or email at jo.dufo@sbcglobal.net Her studio is located at 1701 College Ave. in Fairmount.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Exciting Summer Art Classes!

Now is the time to sign up for some awesome summer workshops and classes offered by area arts organizations and artists. I will attempt to give you a brief run down on each program, as I understand it (both as teacher and a parent with kids!).

Van Grow Art Studio
June 21-25
Princess Art Week
9 a.m. – 12 noon
Ages 4 +

June 28- July 2
Dollhouse Camp / Unusual Architecture for Boys and Girls
9 a.m. – 12 noon
Ages 6.5 and up

June 28 - July 2
Animation Class
9 a.m. - 12 noon
Ages 9-12

July 5-9
Under the Big Top!
9 a.m. – 12 noon
Ages 4-12

July 12-16
Dr. Seuss Week!
9 a.m. – 12 noon
Ages 4-12

July 19-23
Extreme Art Week
9 a.m. – 12 noon
Ages 5-12

July 26-30
Around the World in 5 days!
9 a.m. – 12 noon
Ages 5-12

August 2 - 6
Dollhouse Camp / Unusual Architecture for Boys and Girls
9 a.m. – 12 noon
Ages 6.5 and up

August 2 - 6
Draw until you drop!
9 a.m. – 12 noon
Ages 6-10

August 9-13
The Jungle Book
9 a.m. – 12 noon
Ages 4-12

August 16-20
Anne of Green Gables
9 a.m. – 12 noon
Ages 8+

August 16-20
Dollhouse Camp / Unusual Architecture for Boys and Girls
9 a.m. – 12 noon
Ages 6.5 and up

Miss Hannah always has lots of fun planned for summer campers at her studio. These classes are designed for students who need to know "how" to make something wonderful. At the end of the session, your camper will come home with some clever and attractive art projects. Everyone has successful projects, as the activities are very teacher directed and thematic.

TCU Art Adventures

Grades 1 - 4 Session Two June 21 - 25th (9 - 4)
Grades 5 - 8 Session Three June 28 - July 2 (9 - 4)
$275.00 (includes $65 material fee)

Campers learn the fundamental principles necessary to create original art in various media: clay, collage, painting, printmaking and sculpture. These classes are taught by area art teachers as well as grad students and current TCU art students. I call this the granddaddy of art camps simply because you have access to the best art supplies and state-of-the art facilities at TCU. It is more expensive than the other art camps because of this and also because it is a full day program. It is quite intensive and not for the tentative student. The kids who seem to enjoy this camp the most are the ones who can't get enough art in their day and are thoroughly entertained by the act of creation. So if your child just can't stop the doodling...this might be the camp for him! The end of the week culminates in a gallery show on campus, which is a very neat opportunity for your student to showcase his or her work.

Check the website for availability: www.artandarthistory.tcu.edu/events.asp

Friday, May 14, 2010

Family Fine Arts Night

On May 25th from 6 to 8 p.m., the Carlson community will celebrate the art we create, perform and appreciate. This year's event is being hosted by University Baptist Church, our Adopt-A-School partner.

Carlson performing groups including Drumming Club, Jump Rope Team, 4th grade Recorders, 5th grade individual musicians and grade level choir, 2nd grade singers, Drama Club and many more are scheduled to perform for parents and friends.

Artwork created by Carlson students will be exhibited through out the building. An exhibition of professional photography is being shown as well as creations by Carlson clubs - the Mosaic Club, Art in the Garden, Clay Club and others. Over 400 pieces are expected to be on display!

Students and families will have the opportunity to interact with community artists including bookmaker, Lauren Kolesar-Eatinger and glassblower, Matthew Marchand and others as well as professional musicians.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute to a piece of art that will be permanently installed in the Art Courtyard, through mosaic work. Create and build castles, kazoos and sculpture to take home with you! To commemorate the event, order a Family Fine Arts Night t-shirt that can be decorated/customized at the event.

I hope everyone will come out and take part in this wonderful celebration of our Carlson artistic community!

Glass Artist Visits Carlson

Last week, glass artist and UNT grad student Matt Marchand visited the Carlson Art Studio. He came to observe classes as part of a class he is taking at University of North Texas in Art Education. He also taught some students about glassmaking and shared his art with Michelle's 4th grade class. The students were amazed by the beautiful creations he brought and were full of questions about the process. They were amazed at the math and science involved in creating art!

Matt has been creating glass art for many years and is a contributing artist at Vetro, a glass studio in Grapevine. He apprenticed in Murano, Italy and is an M.F.A. student in sculpture at UNT. He also likes to work in bronze.

He will be a featured artist at Carlson Family Fine Arts Night on May 25th at University Baptist Church.

You can view Matt's artwork online as well at www.mattyjo.com

Monday, April 19, 2010

Where was Genifer?

You may or may not have noticed my absence in the Art Studio last week...see if you can tell me by the posted photos WHERE in the world I was! I can't wait to see the answers. I will post more photos until someone guesses correctly OR you say "uncle!"

I will give you clues too...

So, here is the first one: In this town on the bay, the orioles play!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drawing Like O'Keeffe at the Cowgirl

The Cowgirl Hall of Fame's new exhibit is "Georgia O'Keeffee and the Faraway: Nature and Image." This exhibit features some of O'Keeffe's work that has never been shown in our area and is well worth the visit.

On Saturday, April 24th, 4th through 6th grade students have the opportunity to attend a class focusing on the techniques O'Keeffe used in the creation of her landmark abstract images. The class is from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., the cost is $25.00. There is a limit of 20 students, so registration is required. Call 817-509-8697 or email Cindi Collins at ccollins@cowgirl.net You can also register online at www.cowgirl.net

Friday, April 9, 2010

Main Street Arts Festival

Yesterday Main Street Arts Festival opened in downtown Fort Worth. This is a wonderful FREE opportunity to see all sorts of interesting artwork, hear some fantastic music and check out what some enterprising FWISD students are creating and selling. The festival is open each day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The Star-Telegram booth features the winning artwork from the Blooming Young Artists Contest. Alice Carlson had 19 entries in this contest but did not have anyone selected to display. The contest had over 500 entries in it!

Main Street Arts Festival is also a fantastic opportunity to meet the artists and speak with them about their work. I encourage you to talk to these incredibly talented individuals. Often they are not from our area, traveling great distances to show their art.

Head down to the north end of the festival toward the courthouse and you will find a children's area. There are booths in which you can create your own art, get your face painted, learn about art opportunities and more! There are also the FWISD Young Artists booths where you can meet other students, see their art and purchase it, if you so desire. Last year, Carlson participated in this wonderful experience. I organize a group to develop an artistic idea, create the product and market the artwork usually during Spring Intersession on alternate years. Last year we made and sold stained glass mosaics...next year, who knows?

Find out more information about Main Street Arts Festival at www.mainstreetartsfest.org

Free Form Sculpture Project

When handed an old manila file folder and asked to create a 3D work of art, fourth and fifth grade students were a bit puzzled. How to make a flat piece of paper stand, unsupported, and appear sculptural was a challenge they met head on. Students looked at the work of Alexander Calder, specifically his stabiles (sculptures that stand or sit on something). They noticed that if you pulled his sculptures apart, they two were basically two dimensional.

The result was an eclectic mix of shapes, sizes, colors and constructions that at times defy explanation. Engineering the paper to be something other than what it initially appeared to be sparked everyone's imagination. Many of the sculptures will be on display during Family Fine Arts Night on May 25th at University Baptist Church. Several are currently on view in our online gallery at www.artsonia.com.

The sculpture featured in this post was created by Oliver H.

Congratulations to Austin C.

Donnette introduced him to birding and he took off! Austin began drawing birds this year after spending time in science class learning how to sketch in his science journal. He created many of the bird images in the hallway near the science lab. He also entered a bird montage created in pencil for an exhibition at Christ Chapel this Spring. Recently, he entered a contest to design a "duck stamp" for Texas Parks and Wildlife. Although his design was not chosen as the winning entry, Austin did receive a certificate, a commemorative bracelet and lapel pin. Way to go and keep up the good work!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Earth Day Photography Contest

The Earth Day Student Art contest is currently accepting entries through April 11th. There is contest information on our Artsonia website: www.artsonia.com/earthday

To enter the contest, bring your photo or a jpeg of your photo to Genifer and she will upload your photo through Artsonia. Parents must be registered with Artsonia to enter student artwork from a home computer (I believe).

FWISD Elementary Art Show 2010

This week begins the FWISD Elementary Art Show at the Fort Worth Public Library Downtown. Carlson's exhibit is located upstairs in the Childrens Section. There will be a reception honoring participants in the show Thursday, April 8th from 6:00 to 7:30. It is a "come and go" event where students are given ribbons and can see artwork from other FWISD schools as well as their own. The following students have artwork displayed:

Ximena Arista - 5th Grade
Avery Black - 2nd Grade
Harrison Christopher - 5th Grade
Jacob Coffey - 4th Grade
Aiden Deering-Frank - 5th Grade
Anna Delony - 5th Grade
Shelby Elliott - 4th Grade
Bernadette Gonzalez - 1st Grade
Max Gillmer - 5th Grade
Taylor Griffith - 5th Grade
Gabbye Guess - 5th Grade
Samantha Haro - 2nd Grade
Allison Helt - 3rd Grade
Jeffrey Herman - 5th Grade
Skyler Jensen - 2nd Grade
Rylan Jones - Kindergarten
Hayden Knowles - 5th Grade
Aaron Martinez - 2nd Grade
Sarah McMillan - 4th Grade
Avery Montez - Kindergarten
Lauren Mullender - 5th Grade
Ava Newton - 3nd Grade
Zoe Nichols-Payne - 3rd Grade
Natalie Owen - 5th Grade
Zach Prater - 5th Grade
Jeanine Quast - 4th Grade
Molly Robbins - 5th Grade
Olivia Roundtree - 1st Grade
Elena Sandoval - Kindergarten
Whitney Thomas - Kindergarten
Natalie Varnell - 5th Grade
Elisa Villazana - 5th Grade
Anna Walker - 1st Grade
Garron Walton - Kindergarten
Alana White - 4th Grade
Clemon White - 2nd Grade
Alicia Ybarra - 5th Grade
Jacob Zavala - 1st Grade

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Coloring Earth Green Art Contest

In this contest sponsored by Aaron Brothers, kids have an opportunity to win prizes and help out their school. Check out the info at http://aaronbrothers.com/canvases/contest

Deadline for entry is April 18, 2010

Blooming Young Artists Contest

Enter it | Family | Dallas-Fort Worth Lifestyles News | Star-Telegram.com

The Battle of San Jacinto - FOUND!

Here is an interesting article by Bud Kennedy that appeared in the Star Telegram this morning.

One of the most important paintings in Texas history has turned up in a West Virginia attic.

For generations, art historians have looked for The Battle of San Jacinto, a smaller 1901 version of a showpiece 1898 mural in the Texas Capitol, painted from survivors' stories by San Antonio artist H.A. McArdle.

A Dallas auction house will sell the San Jacinto painting in November after one of the artist's grandchildren found it in a family attic in a northern West Virginia town.

"This is a stunning discovery," said historian Sam Ratcliffe, author of the book Painting Texas History to 1900 and head of special collections in the Hamon Arts Library at Southern Methodist University.

"This is a painting of one of the most significant battles in North American history, by the most visionary painter in Texas history," Ratcliffe said.

Irish-born art professor and artist Harry McArdle -- originally, Henry -- interviewed hundreds of survivors to paint both San Jacinto and his other definitive mural in the Texas Capitol, Dawn at the Alamo.

McArdle agreed to paint the smaller version of San Jacinto for $400, according to Ratcliffe.

His book describes the work as "unlocated."

Apparently, it was unlocated only because McArdle never got paid for the painting and his family kept it.

The family found it and contacted Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas, where Texas Art Director Atlee Phillips was leery at first.

Then she reread Ratcliffe's book and saw the reference to the missing San Jacinto.

"I saw the word unlocated, and it gave me chills," she said last week. "This is the lost version of the mural."

Heritage has just retrieved the painting and is planning a formal announcement, she said. She's telling art groups and historical societies that Texas has found another piece of history.

Heritage will suggest a price of $100,000 to $200,000, she said.

The 5-by-7-foot artwork depicts Texas' climactic victory over Mexico in vivid detail, including such figures as Texas Capt. Henry W. Karnes, tugging a coonskin cap, and Mexican Gen. Manuel Fernandez Castrillon, admired by the Texans for his valor.

McArdle's works are noted for including both Anglo and Hispanic Texans, particularly the Spanish-speaking Texas heroes led by Texas Gen. Juan Seguin.

McArdle never saw a dime for either San Jacinto painting.

He was 72 when he died in 1908 in San Antonio. It would be nearly 20 years before the Texas Legislature would pay his family $25,000 for the murals in the Capitol.

According to Ratcliffe's book, one state senator told McArdle's son that the state could just buy big photographs cheaper.

More than a century later, his family will finally earn what he deserved for San Jacinto.

Bud Kennedy's column appears Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 817-390-7538

Twitter @budkennedy